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What colour lenses will suit me best?

Aug 21, 2023
What colour lenses will suit me best?

Whether your new to lenses or a seasoned pro, what colour contact lenses to go for is a very common question here for us at Lensmate! It all really depends on a few different factors. Read on for our top tips on choosing lenses that will complement your features.

Intended Effect

If you are looking for contacts that will give you a massive pop of colour and be noticeably different than your usual eye colour the world is your oyster! Go bold and try our bright blues such as intense blue or our mesmerising purple which will stand out in photos at your special event.

If you're looking to subtly change your colour, or choose something which is more natural, then the below pointers are for you!

Skin tone

There are three skin tones which everyone will fall into and whichever skin tone you have there are lenses that will complement you perfectly!

If your skin is light/ fair you are very lucky and can choose from most colours! Blues and greys will look amazing and if your feeling a bit daring try violet like our Purple Storm lenses. 

Purple Storm Contact Lenses


If your skin is tanned/ a medium skin tone you should choose bright colours that will really stand out against your complexion. Try glamour green, hazel or dark blue lenses. This will ensure your features pop but your eyes will be the main event.

Glamour Green Contact Lenses


If you have a dark skin tone try warm browns and hazel for shades that will really complement your complexion. How about Cocoa Brown?

For a bit of interest try our gorgeous Wild Grey for more of a standout look.

Wild Grey Contact Lenses

Hair Colour

Blonde hair works really well with blue and grey shades. For a natural look, why not try our Paradise Blue or Steel Grey lenses? Any shade of red hair looks stunning with green lenses and brown hair looks fabulous with blues, browns and pinks.

Have a look at our bestsellers here to help you choose.

All in all, with skin tone and hair colour combined, all colour lenses can be complimentary- it really depends on how bold you would like to go! With our 2 for £19.99 deal you can have two different looks for under £20! Why not mix and match so you have different looks for however you feel when you wake up in the morning?

As well as a wide variety of colours we also stock Halloween and Cosplay lenses so don't forget those for your upcoming event!