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Shop our range of stunning cosmetic contact lenses and add the perfect touch to your next party outfit, cosplay dress-up or Halloween get-together. Our non-prescription coloured contact lenses are cheap and offer fantastic quality, lasting up to 1 year. Whether you're shopping for a photoshoot or night out, fashion contact lenses add a touch of personality to every photograph. All of our cosmetic lenses are fully CE certified and ISO tested so you can be sure they're safe.

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Our next day delivery contact lenses are available in a variety of beautiful colours, in single tones, 3-tones and other creative styles.

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Lensmate Contact Lenses

At Lensmate, we believe the eyes are the window to the soul. We provide all manner of colour combinations to our fabulous customers!

Our range of carefully selected and custom coloured contact lenses provides every aesthetic you could desire, from spooky horror to fashionable tinted flourishes. We even have contact lenses reflecting your favourite anime characters!

Who are Lensmate?

We’re a proud family-run cosmetics firm hailing from Chorley, Lancashire. We’re a new brand, launched in July 2023, inspired by the need for affordable, high-quality coloured contacts service that provides for everyone. 

We warmly invite you to view our range of coloured lenses and accessories or contact us (no pun intended) should you need help.

Our 5* service and next-day delivery as standard will cement us as your favourite coloured contact brand.

Why wear coloured contact lenses?

To put it simply - because they’re a great deal of fun! If you’re looking to perfect that Ice Queen aesthetic with white-coloured contacts, make that zombie costume even more unnerving, or bring out your inner ravishing vampire! 

You can even use our cosmetic contact lenses to look like your favourite anime character with the most expressive eyes. Coloured contacts will take your costume or outfit to the next level.

But it’s not just fancy dress that cosmetic lenses work for, as you may buy contacts online to experiment with your personal style or use them for theatrical purposes, as colour lenses are a favourite among film and theatre costume departments.

Why choose coloured contact lenses from Lensmate?

  1. Safety As A Priority

All Lensmate contact lenses sold have been manufactured to the highest standard. Our quality control inspections prioritise safety, hygiene, and comfort. 

All our lenses have been fully ISO tested and CE certified. No matter if you’re a returning customer or wearing lenses for the first time, you can rely on us for a consistent experience.

  1. A Diverse & Regularly Updated Collection

Our customers prize a broad collection of cosmetic lenses, and our catalogue aims to meet every possible choice. When you buy contacts online, you’ll note our category pages are divided between colours, styles, themes and even branded licenses. 

All of our non prescription coloured contact lenses can be worn without verification, as none are corrective lenses. As such, you’re only limited by your taste in coloured contacts!

  1. Affordability & Accessibility

At Lensmate, we understand that cheap contact lenses are only one part of a larger outfit. As such, we strive to keep our prices affordable. 

We also sell many different lenses online offering distinct durability ratings, these can include daily, monthly, 90-day and yearly contact lenses, with instructions for their maintenance. 

This can save you a great deal of money in the long run! You can use our longer wear lenses multiple times. Just be sure to care for your lenses properly to maintain hygiene. We sell cleaning accessories and have a blog post on how to care for your lenses. Check it out!

Anyone can browse our online contact lenses and find exactly what they’re looking for, without burning a hole in their pockets!

Browse our selection today!

So, what are you waiting for? Browse our impressive selection of coloured eye contacts today.

We look forward to seeing your full outfits and costumes!

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Coloured Contact Lenses FAQs

Need help buying new coloured lenses?

What are coloured contact lenses?

Coloured contact lenses, also commonly referred to as coloured contacts or coloured lenses, are very similar to normal contact lenses - the only difference is that they're entirely cosmetic. They're worn by people who aren't happy with their own eye colour, want to try a different look, or events such as parties and nights out.

Are coloured contact lenses safe to wear?

Absolutely - all of the contact lenses we sell have been fully ISO tested and CE certified.

Do I need a prescription to get coloured contact lenses?

Absolutely not - at Lensmate we sell a wide range of cosmetic non-prescription coloured contact lenses. The lenses we sell don't assist with your vision in any way, shape or form, but they can be worn with prescription glasses.

Can I wear coloured contact lenses if I have perfect vision?

Yes - the coloured contact lenses we sell here at Lensmate are entirely cosmetic and don't provide vision correction. You can buy and wear coloured lenses for fun, makeup and cosplay, parties and other Instagram photo sessions.

Can I sleep with coloured contact lenses in?

No - you should never sleep with contact lenses in your eyes, whether cosmetic or prescription. Sleeping with coloured contact lenses in your eyes can cause your eyes to become dehydrated and starved of oxygen which could lead to a nasty infection. Get into a good routine with lens removal before bedtime, maybe when you're brushing your teeth or removing makeup, to avoid any harmful eye issues from your lenses.

How often should I replace coloured contact lenses?

That depends on the lifespan, or wearing time, of the lenses you purchase. At Lensmate we sell a wide range of daily, monthly, 90-day and yearly contact lenses. If you buy a pair of daily disposable lenses then these should be discarded after each use. If you buy any other longer-wearing lenses then these should be cared for properly using a good quality saline solution and secure lens case to keep them in pristine condition every day.

Can I swim or shower in coloured contact lenses?

It's best to avoid swimming, showering or bathing when wearing coloured contact lenses. This is because the water can contain chemicals, bacteria or microorganisms which could possibly lead to eye infections.