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Why Buy A Contact Lens Cleaner?

Apr 03, 2024
Why Buy A Contact Lens Cleaner?

Every contact lens wearer knows the importance of good lens hygiene. Without proper cleaning between uses, debris and dust can build up on the lenses leading to an increased risk of eye infections. These are uncomfortable and irritating- something we absolutely want to avoid!

Say goodbye to dirt and ensure your contact lenses are properly cleaned and looked after between uses.

Our high-frequency ultrasonic lens cleaner operates at 56,000 hertz to easily remove any dirt and micro-debris from your lenses.

Simply pop your lenses into the cleaner with a small amount of lens cleaner and turn the machine on. The vibrations help to loosen anything that shouldn’t be on your lenses and after two minutes you have pristine lenses.

 Once the cleaning cycle has finished, use a contact lens applicator to remove the lenses from the cleaner and store them in your clean lens case with some cleansing solution as usual. Empty out the solution from the contact lens cleaner and leave to air dry before storing away.

 Use the ultrasonic cleaner twice a week to ensure your lenses are always completely hygienic for use. The cleaners are small and lightweight- perfect for travelling, work, school etc. fitting easily into your bag.

We stock a range of colours to match your style. Our lens cleaners are very affordable and complete your contact lens care.

Maintain your eye health and shop our range here.