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Best Blue Contact Lenses for Brown Eyes

Apr 30, 2024
Best Blue Contact Lenses for Brown Eyes

Cosmetic contact lenses are becoming increasingly popular with people wanting to have a temporary change of eye colour. Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of having blue eyes- what would you look like?

The colour blue has always been an attractive eye colour to many and is such is the most popular choice for coloured lenses. 

Blue contact lenses can be used for a special occasion, event or even just day to day. There is such a huge variety of shades available to suit everyone’s exact taste. From light shades which brighten your eyes to deep shades which create depth and intrigue.

However, if you have brown eyes you may have heard that coloured contact lenses won’t work for you. This is not the case!

We have a large range of blue coloured contact lenses that will cover your natural eye colour- no matter how dark they are! This is because the contact lenses contain enough pigment to cover your natural eye colour effectively.

These are our top picks for blue contact lenses for brown eyes:

Paradise Blue

Beach Blue

Bora Bora Blue

Deep Blue

Atlantic Blue

Our fast delivery and top notch customer service won't fail to disappoint- choose your new blue lenses today.