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How to Look After Your Contact Lenses

Apr 02, 2024
How to Look After Your Contact Lenses

One question we get asked a LOT here at Lensmate is how to properly look after your contacts. Most of our lenses we sell are resuable- we aim to stock these because we want to promote lenses that last rather than single use disposables that we see as wasteful and negatively impacting our environment.

Reusing contact lenses saves waste from going to landfill and also saves on the environmental impact of so many deliveries. We are trying to do our bit here!

Dirty lenses are an infection risk to your eye, so it is vital that you take the time to care for them properly.

To achieve clean, hygienic lenses is actually pretty simple. You just need to follow a few basic principles outlined here:

  1. Ensure you have washed your hands throughly and are removing or inserting your contacts with a clean finger or contact lens remover tool (sold here). This will reduce the risk of any dirt contaminating your lenses.
  2. After removing your contact lenses, always store them in a sealed container with a fresh lot of saline solution specifically for contact lenses. We sell a range of cases here with all the accessories you need to make this simple. 
  3. Clean your contact lens case every week- empty out the solution, rub with a toothbrush, rinse and leave to air dry. Once dry, refill with fresh contact lens solution and store your lenses. 
  4. For the ultimate clean for your lenses, use a contact lens cleaner machine, such as our ultrasonic contact lens cleaner every few uses to ensure even the smallest of dust particles are removed. A cleaning cycle only takes a few minutes!


Follow these steps for lenses you can safely use again and again!